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Let’s Recreate Intimacy.

12 Weeks to a New Relationship, Done Right

Let’s Recreate Intimacy.

12 Weeks.
Your Relationship Done Right.

“Maybe you don’t need the whole world to love you. Maybe you just need one person.”
~ Kermit the Frog

Let’s Recreate your Marriage In 12 Weeks

You two are having the same fights, over and over, for perhaps a decade or more. But I can help. Because you two still love each other, still care, and haven’t given up.

Join me & my wife, Miriam, in our flagship 12 week journey to bring gratitude, positivity, trust, healthy communication, emotional safety and intimacy back into your marriage.

And get back in touch with the love you already feel for each other. It’s there—we just need to bring it to the surface, where it belongs.

Welcome to Recreating Intimacy, where your relationship goals come true.

I’m Dovid, a licensed marriage therapist. And for the next 12 weeks, my wife Miriam and I are going to work with you to recreate the intimacy you crave, deserve, and once had. The intimacy that’s already there.



But now, you two are struggling.

You are having the same fights, over and over, for perhaps a decade or more. Using the same broken patterns again and again. Your heart is broken, and mainly you’re exhausted of arguing. Of being misunderstood. Of feeling alone. Of living as singles under one roof. How sad.

I know something you don’t. 

I know that right below the surface of your current messy relationship lay all the love, connection, desire, and respect you once had for each other.

And I know you fell in love for good reasons.

And those reasons are still there. You are still the beautiful woman he fell in love with. He is still the gentle, funny, good man you gave your heart to.

And I know that we can bring those feelings back to the surface.

Like the 100s of other success stories, working together, we can restore the love, respect, joy, and trust in your marriage.

Because a great marriage is more about what you do than how you feel.

And my wife Miriam and I will teach you exactly what you need to know to build your best relationship. We have shared our methods with 1000s of couples across the world, helping them create their best marriage. We can do the same for you, too.


Marriage Therapy, but without the therapy.

We support your marriage but without the downsides of traditional therapy. 

  • We’ve been married for 30+ years, and strongly believe in marriage. And in your marriage.
  • We don’t focus on what is wrong. We focus on what is right. And from there, we build.
  • We primarily meet separately, giving you the chance to bare your soul, without hurting your partner.
  • We don’t judge or take sides. You both have needs and frustrations which are equally important.
  • We give concrete, practical advice which is guaranteed to help bring closeness and intimacy.
  • We don’t abandon you between sessions. There is homework, check-ins, and communication all week.
  • We become part of your family. We move-in to your relationship, to keep you both on course.
  • We don’t hang around forever. 12 weeks, and then you both can fly on your own!

Based on The 5 Foundations of a Great Marriage.

Gratitude, Listening, Communication, Setting Boundaries, Sexuality.

When you practice our methods, your relationship will improve quickly, smoothly, and naturally—guaranteed.

But what about our past? How do we fix it?

We need to resolve your past, so we can create a new future. However, we don’t dwell there.

We set goals moving forward, and hold you both accountable to reach them.

Ladies get special treatment. 

Working with my wife, Miriam Racquel, the ladies get extra sessions, focusing on emotional processing, trauma healing, and releasing resentment using the latest somatic healing techniques.

Haven’t you waited long enough?

Sign up for a free 20-minute Clarity Call, where we can hear about what’s going on in your relationship and go over the programs that will fit your situation. Let’s talk

Let’s work together to build your Great Marriage

I’m passionate about Great Marriages –  founded on commitment and trust, leading to deep intimacy. Working together, I’m confident that you can have a Great Marriage, too.

Need To Talk?
Schedule a Free 20-min Clarity Call

Tell me a bit about what is going on – I love to listen. We can both decide if and how working together will be beneficial. Looking forward to hearing from you!


My Unique Approach

I can help turn things around quickly to preserve and nurture the most important relationship you have. Start enjoying the one you married now by creating an atmosphere of peace in the home, where love and intimacy gets rekindled.

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