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My Story

There is no “story” about my life — my experiences, my joys, my passions — that does not star my family. I met my wife over 25 years ago, and amazingly, she still graces my life with her presence. She has helped me raise a bunch of beautiful children, who are the twinkle in my eye, the inspiration of my pursuits. 

As a husband, I have moved through many different life-phases, each having unique challenges and special rewards. As a father, I have parented children of all ages, even those that no longer believe they are children anymore 🙂

And, like you, I have a diverse public life as well, including community member, friend, employee, entrepreneur, teaching Rabbi, writer and licensed therapist (I’m also an avid wake-boarder as well!).

Over the last decade, I have increased my attention on sharing with others the blessings I have received. I’m confident that I have the professional knowledge, experience and empathy to support you in your current situation. In addition to helping you through the challenges you face today, we will strategize, plan, and implement new steps to bring you closer to your ideal self tomorrow.

My Mission

Helping others is not a profession — it’s a life’s purpose. In working with you, my goal is simple — helping you get to the place you want to be — emotionally, spiritually, physically. My number one tool is our relationship. Through getting to really know you, and allowing you to open up and express yourself, we can break down any limitations you may be experiencing, holding you back.

Whether in your romantic & personal relationships, business, community, or sense of purpose in life, working together will help you get to that next level of clarity and happiness you are seeking.

My Approach

 1. Active Listening

Making sure I hear you and truly understand you is my number one priority. Without knowing that somebody “gets” you, there is no moving forward.

I’m interested – I really want to know exactly what’s going on.

 2. Emotional Empathy

Understanding is just the beginning. Just as important is the ability to relate and empathize with you.

I honor your feelings, and give you a safe space to express them, experience them, as well as connect to them.

 3. Thought Work

Surrounding your emotions are your thoughts. Your mind creates the reality you live in today.

Let’s explore the meanings you are giving your feelings. What is true and what is not, and which thoughts are helpful, and which are harmful.

4. Solutionizing

Building on your new emotional awareness and thought-work, we are now free to paint your new life on a clean canvas.

Let’s work together to explore your new dreams and plan step by step to accomplish your goals.

My Methods

Don’t be put-off by the bobbly-gook below. Basically, it is a list of tools, perspectives, techniques and “theoretical orientations” that I am familiar with through my education and experience. Using these methods, we are better able to address any deeper issues behind your current situation, heal your present, and support your future growth.

  • Psychoanalytic – Delving deep into your soul
  • Cognitive Behavioral – Understanding your thought
  • Narrative Therapy – Rewriting your life-script
  • Emotionally Focused – Exposing your feelings
  • Psycho-Education – Learning about yourself
  • Solution-Focused – Let’s solve that problem
  • Mindfulness – There is no time like the present
Couple’s Therapy
  • Imago Couple’s Therapy
  • Emotionally Focused 
  • John Gottman
  • Solution Focused
  • Love Languages
  • Communication Breakthrough
  • Recreating Partnership

My Degrees

Yawn Warning: For those that find this significant, I decided to list out my official pedigree, below.

AMFT, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 
Licensed by State of Illinois

LCP, Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed by State of Illinois

MCE, Masters in Counselor Education
Northeastern Illinois University

BA, Bachelors of Arts, Sociology
Grinnell College