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52 Tweets to a Great Marriage

Your Guide to Long-Lasting Intimacy and Love
“Turned our marriage around.” ~ Ariel Stewart

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I’m passionate about Great Marriages –  founded on commitment and trust, leading to deep intimacy. Working together, I’m confident that you can have a Great Marriage, too.

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I can help turn things around quickly to preserve and nurture the most important relationship you have. Start enjoying the one you married now by creating an atmosphere of peace in the home, where love and intimacy gets rekindled.

Impassioned Marriage Podcast

Come join me on a weekly deep-dive into the best parts of relationships. What works, what doesn’t, and what needs to be done when to rebuild intimacy.

Amazing guest speakers as well as great topics!

Building Great Marriages Blog

Thought provoking articles and ideas, guaranteed to make you reconsider how you approach your relationship.