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Masterclass Series.

Your Key to a Great Marriage.

The Masterclass Series.

Your Key to a Great Marriage.


“The essence of communication is to express your heart.”

~ Dovid Feldman

Upcoming Masterclass

The Art of Listening: How to Love & Care
Free Masterclass
Tuesday, July 6th, 7pm CST

Many of us claim that communication is our biggest relationship struggle. We stumble conveying our thoughts and feelings. But in reality, the most important part of communication is being a good listener. 

Because hearing and understanding our partner is what brings relief, closeness and intimacy.

And unless your partner feels heard, they will never give you their heart.

Join me and a highly motivated group of 10-15 marriage-minded individuals as we discuss and explore how to listen, show we care, and get our partners to open up.

I will lead a group session on my Relationship Listening method to bring understanding, love, and intimacy back into your relationship, whether you are married, in a long-term relationship, or just want to prepare yourself for being the best partner possible.

This is an interactive experience, and I welcome questions, stories and comments throughout.

Class size is limited, so sign-up now to reserve your place!

All masterclasses are on zoom. The audio portion will be recorded.

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